Children of Gavrilek Series




“Author Julie Kirtón Chandler blends mystery, science fiction, horror, religion, and sex into an intriguing story.”

San Francisco Book Review

“A relatable scenario draped in the glamor of a fantasy world where nothing is what it seems to be.”

The Inflectionist Review

In the Midst of a Medical Conspiracy,
She Found a Much More Sinister Plot.

About Julie Kirtón Chandler

Julie Kirtón Chandler, author of The Children of Gavrilek series,
is a registered nurse, specializing in emergency and critical care.

She was formally trained in the military, first as an active duty
combat medic and later as an Army Nurse Corps Officer.

Today, Julie and her wife, Charity, spend the majority of their time
in the San Francisco Bay area where Julie works as a civilian nurse.