Chasing The Mirror

The Children of Gavrilek Book 3

As Audrianna Foster lies recovering in the sumptuous manor of her nemesis, Maria, she mourns the idyllic life she has lost with her lover, Kendis. When she awakens from a drunken evening in Kendis’ bed, her memories are hopelessly fragmented. What has happened, and what is real? In the dangerous web of intrigue spun by opposing groups of the Children of Gavrilek, nothing less than the fate of the world hinges on Audrianna unlocking the key to her memories. Who is her ally, and who is waiting to betray her? Is her growing attraction to Maria founded in genuine emotion, or is it the fatal flaw that will shatter her world? Set against the sinister backdrop of Germany’s rise to power in the Second World War, Chasing the Mirror is the riveting third installment in the phenomenally innovational Children of Gavrilek series, where science fiction and romance fuse to form a gender-bending and compulsively readable page-turner.