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Dive into the captivating literary universe of Julie Kirtón Chandler, where imagination knows no bounds. As the author of the acclaimed The Children of Gavrilek fantasy fiction series, Julie invites you on a journey through worlds woven with mystery, passion, and the extraordinary.

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The Children of Gavrilek Series

Julie’s magnum opus, The Children of Gavrilek series, takes readers on an extraordinary journey through time and space. Set against vivid backdrops ranging from the storm-tossed sea voyages of the 1920s, to the tumultuous era of World War I, these novels seamlessly blend elements of fantasy, romance, and medical intrigue.

From gripping World War I stories to steamy romance novels, each installment unravels a tale of secrets, destinies, and cosmic forces that hold the fate of worlds in their balance. Through compelling characters and meticulously crafted narratives, Julie Kirtón Chandler invites you to explore the depths of human connection and the boundless reaches of the imagination.

In the Midst of a Medical Conspiracy,
She Found a Much More Sinister Plot.


“Author Julie Kirtón Chandler blends mystery, science fiction, horror, religion, and sex into an intriguing story.”

San Francisco

“A relatable scenario draped in the glamor of a fantasy world where nothing is what it seems to be.”

The Inflectionist

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About Julie Kirtón Chandler




Julie Kirtón Chandler’s fantasy fiction writing is infused with a unique blend of expertise and imagination. With a background as a registered nurse, specializing in emergency and critical care, Julie brings a depth of knowledge to her narratives that adds a layer of authenticity to every page. Her military training, from active duty combat medic to Army Nurse Corps Officer, provides a visceral understanding of human resilience and the power of the human spirit.

Today, Julie resides in the vibrant San Francisco Bay area with her wife, Charity. When not crafting stories, she dedicates her time to nursing in the civilian sector, further enriching her storytelling with firsthand experiences of compassion and fortitude.