Prepare to be swept away on an exhilarating journey through time and mystery in Julie Kirtón Chandler’s story set during World War I, Lyovitalis. This enthralling work weaves elements of historical fiction, romance, and medical intrigue into a story that will leave readers spellbound.

Ideal for those with a penchant for immersive storytelling, Lyovitalis beckons to both lovers of historical dramas and seekers of novels about life in Nazi Germany. Its pages resonate with the echoes of World War I, offering a vivid portrayal of an era fraught with both change and personal discovery.

Within these chapters, you will be transported to the town of snowy Zurich, where secrets shroud the air and a deadly disease, lyovitalis, casts its shadow. Audrianna Foster, a spirited young doctor, unravels a web of intrigue and passion as she strives to unlock the mysteries surrounding this ailment.


In the tumultuous backdrop of World War I, Lyovitalis tells a tale of intrigue, passion, and a relentless pursuit for answers. Audrianna Foster, a spirited young doctor, embarks on a quest to Switzerland, driven by the legacy of her father and the deadly specter of lyovitalis. This enigmatic disease claimed not only her mother’s life, but also cast a shadow over the serene town of Zurich — now her new home.

Within Zurich’s snowy embrace, Audrianna is drawn into the intoxicating world of Lorna and her von Traugott family. A dance of desire and danger ensues, weaving Audrianna into a web of secrets and deceit. As the mysteries surrounding lyovitalis deepen, so does Audrianna’s resolve to unearth the truth, plunging her into a medical enigma of unparalleled complexity.

In her relentless pursuit, Audrianna is compelled to confront not only the science of lyovitalis but also the depths of her own soul — unearthing desires, vulnerabilities, and passions that will reshape her world and beyond. Lyovitalis is a journey that transcends the boundaries of time and self, an odyssey that will leave you breathless, forever changed by its revelations.

Lyovitalis | Gripping World War I Historical Fiction