The Children of Gavrilek


Dive into a world where the threads of reality and mysticism intertwine in Julie Kirtón Chandler’s mesmerizing tale, The Children of Gavrilek. Set against the backdrop of a storm-tossed voyage from America to Cuba in the 1920s, this story unfurls a tapestry of secrets, destinies, and a cosmic game that holds the fate of two worlds in its balance.

This epic fantasy book is perfect for those who prefer getting lost in captivating fantasy literature. Among Julie Kirtón Chandler’s repertoire, it stands as one of three original tales, each a unique gem that beckons readers into boundless realms of imagination.


In the wake of a treacherous shipwreck, Audrianna and her enigmatic son, Devon, find themselves miraculously saved by a close-knit coastal community in 1920s Georgia. Guided by the caring embrace of their leader, Kendis, they soon discover that this haven harbors far more than meets the eye.

As Audrianna delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding her son’s extraordinary cognitive abilities, she unravels a tale of celestial origins that bind Devon, Kendis, and an ancient race descended from Gavrilek. Amidst the whispers of interstellar legacies, an enthralling and Earth-altering game emerges, one that threatens to upend both worlds.

The crux of the universe’s survival rests in Audrianna’s journey of self-discovery, a path paved with her own conflicted history and desires. Alongside a diverse and seemingly disparate group, nurtured and trained by Kendis, they hold the key to preserving existence as we know it.

The Children Of Gavrilek | Epic Fantasy Literature