Chasing The Mirror


In the enthralling world of Julie Kirtón Chandler’s literary masterpiece, Chasing the Mirror, genres converge and boundaries blur in a symphony of science, and romantic fiction. This book is a testament to the power of storytelling that transcends convention, inviting readers on a journey that is as captivating as it is innovative.

Written for those with a penchant for narratives that challenge the ordinary, Chasing the Mirror is a magnetic pull into a realm where reality and intrigue coalesce. Its pages offer a vivid tapestry of emotions, set against the backdrop of an era marked by change, painting a vivid portrait of the Second World War’s tumultuous rise.

Whether you are a devotee of science fiction, a seeker of contemporary romance books, or simply a lover of immersive storytelling, this book promises an experience that will leave you breathless. With each turn of the page, the mysteries of Audrianna’s journey will grip your heart, and the intricate dance of loyalty and betrayal will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Chasing the Mirror is more than a book; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where the boundaries between genres dissolve, leaving behind a narrative that lingers long after the final page is turned. Prepare to be swept away!


In the opulent confines of her nemesis Maria’s manor, Audrianna Foster convalesces, mourning the loss of the once-idyllic life she shared with her beloved Kendis. A haze of uncertainty blankets her as she awakens from a night in Kendis’ embrace, memories fragmenting like shards of a broken mirror. What transpired, and what is reality? In the treacherous dance of intrigue, woven by rival factions of the Children of Gavrilek, the destiny of the world hinges on Audrianna’s quest to unlock the secrets buried within her mind.

Amidst this labyrinth of uncertainty, loyalties blur, and shadows of betrayal lurk. Every ally could be a potential adversary, every step forward a potential misstep. As Audrianna’s heart gravitates toward Maria, she grapples with the weight of emotions, questioning whether it’s genuine or a quagmire that threatens to shatter her world.

Against the foreboding backdrop of Germany’s ascent during the Second World War, Chasing the Mirror emerges as the riveting third chapter in the Children of Gavrilek series. Here, the realms of science fiction and romance intertwine, birthing a narrative that defies convention, blurring boundaries, and captivating readers in a web of intrigue and emotion.

Chasing The Mirror | Fantasy Fiction Set In World War II